Thursday, 3 January 2013

Iberia Pilots Agree To Job Cuts Talks

Iberia has reached a preliminary agreement with pilots over plans to restructure the loss-making airline by laying off staff and cutting salaries.
However, the agreement to sit down to talks does not necessarily mean that the union will support the restructuring. The airline's unions, which have been demanding a growth plan from Iberia, have until January 31 to support the airline's plans.
"We reached the same agreement with the pilots as we did with the other unions two weeks ago, which is a preliminary agreement for talks," a spokesman for the company said.
A union source said the pilots signed the agreement to kick off negotiations and that talks over the nature of job cuts would begin on Thursday.
Iberia averted strike action over the Christmas holidays through talks with its ground and cabin crews over the shape of the restructuring, but until now the pilots had been less willing to sit at the negotiating table.
Iberia plans to cut about 4,500 jobs - a quarter of the Spanish carrier's workforce - and cut salaries to become more competitive.

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