Tuesday, 16 October 2012

American Airlines Adds Seat Locks In 49 Planes

American Airlines is adding secondary locking devices to the seats of 49 of its Boeing 767s, as a precaution, because they have the same seat configuration as its 757s that had seats come loose in flight this month.
The airline said in a memo to employees that the US Federal Aviation Administration had approved its plan for the 767s and said the work should be finished by about October 21. It said the work would not lead to flight cancellations.
American said it investigated its full fleet and found no other planes with the same type of primary locking device.
Earlier this month, American Airlines temporarily grounded eight planes to evaluate them after seats became loose on two flights. An internal investigation found that improperly installed clamps had caused seats to loosen in six of its aircraft.
American had flight delays and cancellations last week as it worked to secure the seats on 48 of its Boeing 757s. That work has been completed.

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