Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Lufthansa to phase in new budget flights

Details are beginning to emerge of how Lufthansa’s budget brand will evolve.
In September the carrier announced it would create a low-cost offering to operate non-hub domestic and European routes, and it is now confirmed that Cologne-based Germanwings (the low-cost subsidiary of Lufthansa) will take over all its parent’s non-hub routes in stages.

According to a Germanwings spokesman, the phased operation will start in January. It will extend over several months.

It means that all Lufthansa flights which do not serve its twin hubs of either Frankfurt or Munich will be taken over by Germanwings which will provide a budget airline style of service.

Typical international services to be transferred would include Lufthansa’s flights from London Heathrow, Birmingham and Manchester to Berlin Tegel, London Heathrow to Hamburg, Dusseldorf to Milan and Hamburg to Vienna.
What will confuse passengers is that Lufthansa is continuing to take bookings on all these routes at its regular prices.

As yet, there is no indication on lufthansa.com when, or even if, these non-hub routes will be switched to Germanwings.


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