Friday, 16 November 2012

Rihanna Pilots a Jumbo Jet

Rihanna kicked off her incredibly ambitious '777' tour wednesday and it seems that Rihanna was eager to get things going by taking charge of the controls in her private jet.
Chocks away! Rihanna was eager to get her jumbo jet off the runway. [Rex/Getty]
Well, not exactly.The singer posed by the jet's controls wearing a pilot's cap before take-off.However, it seems that the singer quickly knew her place and returned to the passenger area of the jumbo jet to kick start the tour in true Rihanna style- by having a party.
We just hope she did her research; drinking at a high altitude means that a person will be affected three times as much by one drink drank at sea level.
In short, the bottle of champagne Rihanna was posing with doesn't bode well.
Talking to the press before embarking on the tour, which sees the singer play seven gigs in seven countries over seven days, Rihanna explained that the jumbo jet would be the ultimate tour bus.
Rihanna kick started the tour with a party on her jet. Like you do. [Rex]
She said: "I am so excited about the 777 tour. We are turning this jumbo jet into our tour bus.
"We are practically living on this thing for a week: sleeping, partying all together. Me, my fans, the press... it's going to be a wild ride."
We don't doubt that.
Talking about her motivation to do the tour, Rihanna revealed that her main reason was to do something 'rock 'n' roll'.
She explained: "I wanted it to be a rock 'n' roll adventure, and I think when it's over it will be the coolest thing I've ever done. I'm that excited about it."
Rihanna is currently en route to her second destination, Canada, after a successful first gig in Mexico.
She tweeted: "thank you Mexico, I love u! #1 down, 6 more to go!!! Country number 2, Canada! Toronto here we come #777tour #HTC".


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